Produce A Show

Making a show is easier than you think! All of the producers of our programs are volunteers and most do not have any previous television experience before they work with us.

Here are some examples of easy shows to produce:

Do you know someone with a great story to tell? Our equipment and training are free to help you capture the great stories in our area.

Special Events
Are you often sitting on the sidelines watching family members play sports or perform? Why not borrow one of cameras to record these events? In exchange for recording an event for all the community to enjoy watching on Channel 15 we will give you a free DVD of the event.

Instructional Programs
What are your passions? Do you love to build model cars? Scrapbook? Take photos? Go fishing? Why not create a show that shares your skills with the community?

Commentary Programs
Do you ever feel like your views aren’t being represented by mass media? Come in and exercise your right to express your views without judgment or prejudice. You could start a panel show with like-minded local citizens or invite special guests to discuss issues of the day.

To get started, check out our policies and fill out a Producer Form.